Cyclic peptides are peptide chains which contain a circular sequence of bonds. This can be through a connection between the amino and carboxyl ends of the peptide, or a connection between the amino end and a side chain, or the carboxyl end and a side chain,or two side chains or side-chain-to-side-chain cycles are most often synthesized via Cys-Cys or amide bond formation within a cyclic peptide. Many cyclic peptides have been discovered in nature and many others have been synthesized in the laboratory. Their length ranges from just two amino acid residues to hundreds. Cyclic peptides are increasingly employed as chemical tools in biology and drug discovery(e.g. peptide ligands with increased binding potency/selectivity and enhanced protease stability). They have gained a lot of interest as alternative sources of new drugs to traditional small molecules.

Amide bonds – which have the advantage over disulfides that they are chemically more stable – are frequently used for cyclic peptides.

As Cys-Cys cyclization, the result from formation of a disulfide (S-S) bond between the thiol side chains of two cysteine residues in a peptide. However, a distinct disadvantage of Cys-Cys cyclized peptides is the limited stability of the SS bond, especially under reductive conditions.The main problem to be prevented is that of dimerization, but this can be minimized by performing the cyclization under ‘high dilution’ conditions.
Over that last year, Bankpeptide has used its experience for the successful synthesis of more than a thousand Cys-Cys cyclization peptides with very high success rates even for challenging peptides.
Linear peptidesLinear peptides
Lower binding specificityConformational restraints due to cyclization increase binding specificity
Low permeability through the cell membraneFive times increased cell membrane permeability
Poor metabolic stability Increased stability toward chemical and enzymatic degradation
Success Case1:
Sequence : c(PITFPVFG) , Amide Cyclization
Success Case1:
Sequence : DCTSHNGACNHHSHCCSNVCNTWAHLCT , Disulfide:Cys2-Cys16 ;Cys9-Cys20 ;Cys15-Cys27

a.What is the minimum quantity for a peptide?

The minimun for one peptide should be 1mg, and there is no maximum quantity for a peptide at Bankpeptide.

b.Which kind of solvent should I use?

According to your needs, the peptides can often dissolved in water, DMF,DMSO, and PBS Buffer.

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